WOYS CHEMICAL Ltd. is a Bulgarian private limited trade company, located in the town of Loznitsa. The company was established in 2004 and has own production line in Loznitsa on 1000 m2 indoor area and 1000 m2 open-air area. The main economic activity of the company is the production of washing and cleaning detergents under the label WOYS, which are registered as trade marks in the Patent Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria.
    WOYS CHEMICAL Ltd. is producer of washing and cleaning detergents under the label WOYS. As one of the leading Bulgarian producer in this branch of the economy, we offer to our customers useful products for them and their homes, We satisfy the everyday needs of the people, as we provide them cleanliness, refreshment, comfort and convenience. Despite its short period of existence, WOYS CHEMICAL Ltd. has developed a wide range of quality products, meeting the requirements of the customers. Doing so, the company is working to implement its main objective to attend to peoples needs and their living and working environment, providing them the necessary hygiene and comfort. The high quality and the advantageous prices of the products of WOYS CHEMICAL Ltd. are fundament and instrument for the development and the good positioning of the products on the domestic and international markets.
     The location of the company and the availability of own transport means guarantee optimally the efficient logistics to any destination in the country.
    The products of WOYS CHEMICAL Ltd. became already traditional on the Bulgarian market with series of washing and cleaning detergents WOYS. The strong organization of the company, the short period of handling the orders and the high quality of the products make WOYS CHEMICAL Ltd. more desired partner nationwide.



    THE OBJECTIVE of WOYS CHEMICAL Ltd. is to strive for the success. THE SUCESS is a combination between provision of high quality production, satisfying the needs of the customers, and correct relations with the business partners.
Today we are after to play responsible role in the society, because the good partnership between the corporate and the public interest is a base for the development and the success.